“For me, lighting is what a brush is to a painter. I want my light to give an awareness of the 3rd dimension, that it shows volume and depth. Above all I consider light as a means of characterization.” – Philippe Halsman.

At a young age, perplexed by a simplicity and elegance of black and white photographs, I started to see the world differently. With eminent ability to portray color, to modify any true image with hours upon hours of editing, we lose the ability to see things for what they are – true sense of one’s vision. I remember for the first time calibrating my mind to look at the light and it’s derivatives by applying a “black & white” filter. I remember the depth, the intensity of forms, the focus of true details.

Few years back I took a trip to Israel where my hunger and desire to capture raw life as I see it began to grow. Today, I don’t have any plans of accomplishing any particular subjects or themes. Perhaps it is silly of me, but this is how I continue to evolve my passion and understanding of light, the evolution of composition, and pure fun of randomness.

My main concentration lies within manipulation of black and white street captures, urban landscapes, and simplistically random objects. I don’t have any specific intentions around what my viewers should feel; my hope is that you feel something rather than nothing. We all carry our own truths, our sense of reality. Let my work help foster that vision.